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Save the Arts is an organization created by teachers, parents, and students.  Our express purpose is to ensure that all children grades k-12 receive a well-rounded education which, naturally, includes the arts. The arts are essential as they allow our children the opportunity to explore their creativity while expanding their imaginations.

Due to the current economic situation and budget cuts to education, our children are in danger of losing a wonderful Arts Education Program. All of the arts come together to help educate the whole child and allow children the opportunity to be creative and imaginative in myriad ways. The arts teach empathy, kindness, tolerance, patience, teamwork, and compassion. The arts are the great equalizer. You don't have to be rich or an academic scholar to be creative and gifted in the performing and visual arts, you just are. The arts keep students in school. For many children, the arts are a lifeline.

If Arts Education is cut as drastically as planned, our children will lose this important component of their educational experience. Some students' parents will have the resources to expose them to the arts through other means, while most other children will be left without this important part of their educational development. Come, be a part of our "Save The Arts" Benefit by attending the event. If you cannot attend, please make a donation and help save the arts for a child.

- Suzanne Nichols, Executive Director, Save The Arts

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Suzanne Nichols
Dr. Michael Faucette
Matt Wise
Rob Richman
Dr. Andrea Nichols
Peter J. Marx
Kris Lythgoe
Debra Engle
Chester Whitmore
Bronwyn Nichols
Matthew Hurewitz

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