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Katie Couric, for shining a spotlight on arts education

Rosario Dawson, for the interview

Shepard Fairey for donating your art work to our art auction every year

John Lithgow for donating your children's books for our item auction and being a steadfast supporter of arts education

Kris, Bonnie and Nigel Lythgoe for producing the last three Save the Arts Benefits

Robert Richman of Artstix for donating your time, expertise, and creativity to Save the Arts each year

Henry Sanders for being a friend to Save the Arts, and a wonderful mentor to those in the audience There is now power like the power of the arts to transform a life. 

Malissa Feruzzi Shriver for being an advocate for arts in all schools for all children years before it was on the public's radar. Thank you for working to ensure that the arts has a prominent place at the educational table, and for your continued support of, and advocacy for the Turnaround Arts Program. 

David Stephen-Lane and Whole Foods 3rd and Fairfax for being our most amazing sponsor

Dr, Iris Stevenson for bringing your preternaturally talented choir from Crenshaw High School to perform at the Save the Arts Benefit. Not only did you show what students can do when they have the opportunity to be a part of a robust arts program, but you also showed us better than you could tell us why you and your students have performed in Europe, and for the President of the United States.

Gianni Toboni for helping us raise awareness of the importance of our children receiving well-rounded educations by making it possible for us to have a conversation about the importance of arts education on the national stage.

Charlayne Woodard for answering the call when Save the Arts rang, and for giving the most uplifting inspiring testimony about your arts experience as a child. You lit a fire in many that night, and it continues to burn today through their passion for, and support of arts education.

Redbook Magazine for your support of arts education and Save the Arts

Sofitel Hotel for donating spa days each year

To The Most Amazing Parent, Child, Teacher Crew on the Planet who save the arts each day with their tireless advocacy.


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